The main Google Ranking Factors


Google Ranking Factors CONTENT: 1. Factors influencing the success of search engine results 2. Contents (internal optimization ...

Google Ranking Factors


  • 1. Factors influencing the success of search engine results

  • 2. Contents (internal optimization subgroup)

  • 3. Links (internal optimization sub)

  • 4. HTML code (internal optimization subgroup)

  • 5. Trust authority and identity (external optimization sub)

  • 6. Links and increasing (external optimization sub)

  • 7. Personalization (external optimization sub)

  • 8. Social networks and media (external optimization sub)

  • 9. NA - Negative influences

periodic table of seo success factors

1. Factors influencing the success of search engine results

There are three main groups of facts which determine the success of the optimization of the site:
  • Internal page optimization
  • External site optimization
  • The negative influencing facts
The table reflects the fact all three groups. Each group contains sub-columns (content, structure, HTML, trust, links, personalization, social), which are individual SEO factors (in addition marked and their influence +3 +2 +1, the higher the number the greater and influence). Ni facts embedded in each sub-columns (in red) and the effects of OCs expressed Ball -1 -2 -3.

These subsets of the table, the first letter refers to a subset of SEO ranking factors, and the second letter represents a specific factor. As such values published: content (the sub-column), quality.

SEO Ranking Factors

If someone will have to acquire only one sub-group best SEO factor - it's very little value, because it is necessary to work on each sub-group level performance. And the fact is that, first of all need very good quality and make the built-in SEO optimization, and only then think about the external optimization.

Internal SEO optimization factors

Internal SEO optimization factors are the ones who are totally dependent on the owner of the site, because it is an internal optimization of all actions that are performed with the same site, it is inside. These include: both the technical part of the site and the site structure and information on the website (content).

External SEO optimization factors

These are factors which are not directly managed (at least not be so), the site owner. We would like to emphasize that external factors have an even higher value than the internal optimization. So, as Estimating your site will depend on how much and what kind of links you have, what your authority, what are your actions in social networks, etc.

Why this is not all SEO factors

Most will find that there really is not reflected in all SEO ranking factors. Why? Because there are more than 200 and even more sub-factors that could reach 10,000.

Here is an overview of only the main ranking factors, since a large amount of information and can refer you to the minor work requiring extremely labor intensive, but not necessarily essential SEO optimization works.

2. Contents (internal optimization subgroup)

Content remains one of the most important internal factors of SEO optimization, so this should be seriously considered. It is said (and a 100 per cent agree) SEO content is king.

Content quality
An essential quality of the content, so when preparing information for your website be sure to ask yourself if your prepared information interesting, relevant and useful, if someone decides to stop and read what you write? The mere fact that it is necessary to have but a few hundred words per page, you write pouring empty into a through solely on the content (well, this is the best of the worst options), but try to write as none of your competitors have posted and engage the site visitor as well as interesting content and content layout visually, then the text will be reached SEO target.

Content analysis / Keyword selection and assignment
This is practically one of the most important works is the appropriate keyword selection and assignment of your pages. Do not spare the time and effort to analyze and select the best keywords, because you're not quite right you optimize them, you take a lot of work and effort, and if you later discover that this keyword is not fully fit and is significantly better keyword then be sorry loaded in the work and effort and loss a profit (for the desired number of visitors never came).

Also, assign the appropriate keywords to the pages most relevant to them. Just consider the existing optimization of your site and check the status of the best ranked page with the chosen keyword.

The use of keywords in content
One of the most common mistakes new SEO specialists is excessive the use of of keywords in the content / text. Yes, the use of the keyword in the text is necessary both headlines and text, and the use of the keyword synonyms, but do not overdo it to use it too often and unnatural.

New content
Search engines love new and“fresh ” content. If it is possible to update your site information periodically (such as once a week or month or other period, but it is important to continuously and periodically). When the content of the site is updated, and it is interesting and relevant to your readers, then your page will accordingly be indexed more often and better valued.

Vertical content
Is your content "vertical" .This is focused on a particular topic, and not much about everything and shared? Always better to appreciate the sites that specialize in a particular niche / field than that which is generally about everything and a lot of areas and topics.

Direct response
Rate your page content gives a direct response to a search query? As an example typing in Donald J. Trump will immediately see a brief information about it. That 's what he is. and you get an answer immediately.
Yes, if your page provide direct answers, then it is likely that it and not click on and open, but Google will treat it as a positive:
  • That google confidence indicator.
  • There is also evidence that direct responses to increase targeted visitors.

3.Sitemap (internal optimization subgroup)

Next very important internal SEO optimization is the structure of the site, which must be done according to the selected keywords.
Website accessibility

It is important to make sure that your site is not blocked for search engines robots and it is indexed (that it can entry the search engines robots). But if you have created a free site on a specific subdomain or not attached, be sure to check indexing lock. Also, some of the content management system has a feature that blocks access to search engines and indexing blocks. So, make sure that your page is indexed and continue optimization, otherwise your work can go for nothing

In addition to indexing blocks we note that things like Flash or some JavaScript can also block your entire site or part of site indexing.

Content duplication
Websites often, especially in electronic stores (on the filters, sorting, etc.). The content is duplicated. The most common site owner, do not even understand that the content duplication, but is duplicated.

Details as to avoid duplication of work can be found here:

Suitable for mobile devices
Website should be designed for use in various devices with various display sizes, as more and more people are using not only personal computers but also a variety of smart phones, tablet computers, etc., so it is an important condition for the site to be applied to all of these devices in order to retain existing users and the addition pritraukit people are increasingly using tablets or smartphones.

Page loading speed
Slower page will always have a higher bounce rate, meaning that the search engine can also draw conclusions and does not give an advantage over other sites. Also, not all users are patient and if the index will charge for longer than 3-5 seconds, then do not receive until open and select another site, which is a very negative impact on your site.
Is the domain determines the content of the site?

How to choose a domain name according to the SEO information, see details here:

Is the site using HTTPS
If possible, we recommend to purchase an SSL certificate to use HTTPS for security purposes, because the google sites safer and more reliable.

4. HTML code Use of (internal optimization sub)

Take advantage of all the capabilities of HTML code in order to properly display information and provide search engine It creates the keywords you want to optimize.

It is often observed that svetinėse happens that most of the pages have the same meta title name, which is not permissible error. All Meta Titles to be different, unique and focused on the keywords


Meta descriptions
Page meta description does not have a direct impact on SEO optimization, but has a particularly high value when readers read your page meta description (site search results page), and decides to open your particular site rather than another. This action is very positive impact and adds to the positive SEO results.


Structural data Use
Structural data provide an opportunity to Use the Google search results page to display your site more visual, informative and comprehensive.

Details.: http://

header names
Is your page is properly used in the header (h1, h2, h3) and they pitched keywords. These are the basic elements of SEO, but programmers are creating pages do not always pay attention to it and h1, h2, h3 tags which puts them more comfortable, not to where it should be.


6. Trust authority and identity (external optimization subgroup)

Or the search system can decide which links to trust (that is to recognize that the link would not buy from a trusted source) .answer- YES.

Is your website in search engines have gained the trust and authority? Is your site is unique (in your area) and you trust the site's visitors? Not yet, and then this should be the goal.


It is not exactly known as a search engine and calculates the standing and it is very likely that this evaluation form factor has a significant amount of additional component parts of the assessment. As an example of where you received a link, whether it qualitative or other adjacent references are not from spam pages, which signals coming from the social network, what visitors do on your site, as long residence time, etc.

In order to obtain the best possible authority and trust, Google released a series of questions that should ask yourself before starting the site owners site on the air.

Here are some of them
  • Do you trust this information on your page?
  • Is the information contained on the Site are the specialists in the area, or is it just hearsay describes the information that a lot of everything, and while about nothing?
  • Is your site does not copy (duplication) content and only amended for keywords?
  • Do you feel safe when buying a credit card (or otherwise) on this site?
  • Is the site content without grammar, style and other errors?
  • Is the content presented only for the search engines (and indexed to see the contents) and the content will be interesting and useful to your readers?
  • Is the information is original and does not copy the original you?
  • Is the information contained in the page are exceptionally interesting and useful than other sites of this type?
  • Do you appreciate the country page, the quality of the information and benefits?
  • Does the article page includes both a part of history?
  • Does the article is one of many that most of the pages to something or it stands out and is more useful, better?
  • Does Article treated properly, or it can be seen written hastily and carelessly?
  • If the search engine to query about health and find answers on your page, or the information can be trusted?
  • Does the site is recognized as an authoritative (maturing) as a signature query search engine?
  • Does the article comprehensive, inclusive and clearly set out?
  • Are you reading the article you will find a detailed analysis of the answers you are interested in a specific topic?
  • Would you like to subscribe to the newsletter and receive information about new articles from this site?
  • Are too many pages loaded with advertisements, banners and other advertisements that distract attention from the main article?
  • It could be a chance that this article will be published and magazines, books or even a wiki?
  • Or of short, vague and lack the basic idea?
  • Does the article so that it would like to share on social networks or to offer to friends to read?
  • Does this article to another site, even without asking your įsidėtų link to your page as useful information?
A good quality website attracts a lot of new readers and such action is monitored search the system, since the actions of visitors can be very much to decide on the site and its quality.

Such as how much time visitors spend on your website and how many pages folder, or come back again? Do you do a search in search engines visit a page, but after a few seconds of your site closes and returns to the search engines with the same query word goes to another site and it spends considerably longer period of time? This action is also called "pogosticking and this is a very negative impact on the site and its position in Google results, because the search engine concludes that the above query your site did not respond response and therefore a denial of such action is considered.

It is also observed in the social networks, or share with your article or click "Like" and etc. which shows how much interesting information on your page.

Due to the fact that search engines regularly visit your page so under the existing accumulated information retrieval system can assess how site changes are normal and what to believe in the gap.

We monitored and recorded in the history of everything, especially to get links from low-quality pages. Draws attention to the fact if you started to write and publish a whole other kind of information, or promulgate before. Such actions will draw attention to search engine robots and not always positively.

In particular, the system remembers searches and draws attention to those sites which had received a number of warnings for inappropriate actions and the truly unforgettable. Each site received a warning from the search engines try to sort out as soon as possible irregularities, they do not want to be thrown out of the search engines. However, if the warnings and penalties sequence are then repeated negative influence continues to grow, because as I said these things usually do not forget.

Search engines also draws attention to the fact who wrote the article. Although Google from 2014 states that the authors do not provide value, but still noticeable influence on the author of such article Connecting with your Google+ account.

7. Links and increasing (external optimization sub)

This is most certainly that the link has been and will be one of the most important external factor optimization. However, search engines are constantly improving and created a situation such that the link link uneven, because sometimes one can replace the reference tens and even more links, etc.
Links quality
Previously (some 10 years ago) it was virtually no matter where and how to get the reference, but these times are over and now Critical namely quality links Where did this reference. Links valued by many factors:
  • Or get a link from a related (like) the content of the site? No fact is that a link from a whole other area of the site may suggest to the search engines and the references can be ignored or less well appreciated.
  • In what part of the page received link? This is also important. If a link from the site of the lower part (Eng. Footer) or page left or bottom column then this link will be less valuable than a link from the main part of the page (and even the content of the text to say).
  • Is the reference received from a trusted site, and not spam?
  • Or get a link from a page which is pretty neat and well considered, but the links are of poor quality pages.
  • Did you receive a link from a page in the coming few tens of links? The more outgoing links the less benefit you get.
  • Is the reference received through the text word (through Jusmin useful keyword) or through the banner (banners then it is recommended to provide alternative text or give a headline)
  • How often are the links? The fact is, that received a large amount of links highly in search engines attention and usually such a reference bursts gives only a negative impact because it is contrived to get a large number of links. Typically, such a site is punished and even thrown out of the search engines.
  • Is the link marked with the tag NOFOLLOW - which means that they do not follow the search engines robots.
Details about the link value you can read here LINK JUICE column:

Link text (anchor text)
As I said it is very important as incoming links. The link
proper page is not all it should be and still pay attention to the text in what is incoming links.The best tool to get over your keyword and the link is pointing to that page is assigned a keyword.

And if you get a link or a banner over the image and then make sure that a picture / banner ad would be given alternative text consists of your keyword.
Also pay attention to the merits of only the same keyword to get links should be used and keyword synonyms and related keywords, as in this case it would seem more natural links Receiving.

the number of Links (quantity)
he number of links pointing to your site will show the popularity of the site, but it is recommended to get good links from different websites, instead of n links from the same site. For reference received from a specific e-shop (where thousands of products) will show that you have a lot of links but the search engines will see this and be assessed accordingly (possibly even seen as the one link from a specific page).

Link Link rough, so been zero quantity, better and more quality fish and Catch as much appreciated from where and how to get link.

7. Personalization (external optimization subgroup)

Previously, search engine results were presented to all the same results, but not now. At present, the system searches both Google and Bing show personalized search results, even offline Gmail and other purpose and turning in a browser surfing.

Search engines take into account where you are browsing, what pages you are interested in, etc. In particular, provides personalized results when signed in to Gmail and other Google purpose, because all the information stored on the navigation, it is certain that you would give you the best and most relevant search results.

Thus, the site inspection positions is best to use specialized programs, or at least the browser in private browsing, and then track the results.

One of the clearest personalization ranking factors that are understood by most people it is through this personal touch from which country the search query system.

As an example if you write for search engines in English football being in Europe will get it on the standard football, but if such a request is submitted from the American course will be the results of American Football.

Search engines not limited to the personalization, but split in greater detail by region, city or a specific location which was requested.

Personal history
What are searched for in search, where clicked on, which pages you visited? Do the above pages you visit on a regular basis, or to share page on social networks, etc.

The whole thing takes search engines and to provide the search engine results. As an example if a particular site on a regular basis looking for through search engines then the fact is that the search engines will try to submit the above-mentioned website, that she will be achieved more easily and more quickly. That is all done in a way that only a convenience to you and the information you need to be available quickly and easily.

Social influence
also it is even seen as some sort of page you like, or find your friends on the above page. That also influenced, even to your friends on social networks and acts as a search engine advice how to assess the appropriate page.

8. Social networks and media (external optimization sub)

Due to the fact that the social network is very popular, because they also affect the site or page ranking.

Reputation in social networks
As with the links, so the social network provides is not equal treatment and influence. There are a lot of fake and low-quality social pages, which certainly seen badly.

So in order to get a real and positive impact on the social networks then you need to play by the rules acceptable to all - not to buy "Like" and to acquire them, to participate in the same social networks in real time and gain both followers and their confidence.

Sharing in social networks
Similar to quality links are of high quality and divisions are realistic about your site in social networks.

9. Negative influences

The most we talked about positively influencing factor, but it is necessary to review and why the site is penalized, and what factors have a negative impact on the search engine results. 
So look at it is better not to do!

Website content substandard
Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and one of the objectives to identify which content is of poor quality and has no added value. The quality of content is constantly battling Google updates the name "Fred". This update was necessary, due to the myriad of poor quality content, which somehow had to be recognized. And as you know the content of one of the most important elements of internal optimization. So, both are doing optimization unfairly penalized. Scams - this is when the content has been developed with specialized programs (such as keyword program composes text and so on.). Another case is when you need a lot of content is n times in different languages translate the same text with the Google translator and received a completely different text contains the required sites.

So do not give up with this type of content generation, because these processes are the sequence of search engines engines and found poor quality websites u got punished.

Some search engines shows one information and site visitors to other SEO goals concealing concealing certain information. Such sites are particularly penalized and thrown out of the search engine results.

too many keywords
Once there search engines then this tactic be successful, because it was one of the most important elements. It was just added n number of keywords, and it paid off. However, at this time, it really does not help and can even harm and will negatively evaluated. But do not be afraid to mention some excessively providers more times your keyword on the page, it is important that it be natural to write, not to force each paragraph inserted keyword.

Hidden text
Another negative factor affecting this is when involve font, color and design elements help and hidden text from svetines visitors, but for the purpose of adding content and keywords.

Definitely worth to do it, because all of this notice to update the search engine algorithms. These notes even when it is done on a white background and white text to not see visitors, but all this hidden from search engine robots such play of colors and really recognize the negative.

Piracy and illegal content
The unauthorized and illegal content on the site receive alerts via Google Search Console, so do not piracy and your rights will not be affected

Page which is full of advertising, and when the main content is obscure these various advertising banners or pop-up advertising promotional links then hurt.
So Do not make your page promotional brochure only when you open the page is hard to see the same content.

purchased links
Be careful, because the purchased links in order to improve the results will be very, very negative. You can find hundreds of offering to buy high-quality reference from high-quality pages and the like, but do not be fooled, and by no means do not buy hundreds of links, because this is obviously notice the search engines. Notes and a large amount of unnatural links estimate the negative. But then if you say something to you really super special page and there really received a lot of links then what would? However, there are ways to evaluate and assess why both link received and if received rightfully then it will be visible through other prisms, such as social networks, etc.

spam links
In particular, you will be punished if you receive a large quantity of links from other pages evil is also known as spam pages.

There is a chance that others with bad intentions, you can buy in this type of thousands of links, some behave in this case? However, there is a solution and fuse - You are the type of links you can get rid of the Google Search Console indicated that certain domains do not want to link and do not appreciate and want to get rid of. This is designed to function called. It called disavow google and you will find it a console tool



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Seo Optimization: The main Google Ranking Factors
The main Google Ranking Factors
Seo Optimization
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